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Mindjumpers' network

This platform is Mindjumpers’ online tool to facilitate collaboration with both brands and Mindjumpers’ network of Local Community Managers.

Mindjumpers’ network consists of people who are passionate about social media and love to work with community building for large international brands. Through the platform, they can strengthen their knowledge and expertise within the field of social media as well as they can further develop their own freelance or small consultancy company through training and collaboration with Mindjumpers.

For international brands and companies, Mindjumpers’ network is an opportunity in social media to solve the problem of how to execute local community management in local language while adjusted to local culture and context. It is a way to do local social media management in a structured, quality assured and cost efficient way across different countries and markets. Mindjumpers is the client’s main point of contact, ensuring Account & Project Management as well as providing guidance and training for the Local Community Managers. We highly value matching the brand with the right Local Community Manager in order to represent the brand in the best possible way.

If you are interested in more information as either a client or member, please visit Mindjumpers or contact: info@mindjumpersnetwork.com